Our goal is clear: keep things simple, reliable, safe and affordable.

Since 1987 we have experience in the field of industrial cleaning, we can advise you the most safe and efficient cleaning method.

With our mobile workshop – showroom and storage we're happy to visit you (without any obligation), we also visit in the field.

Thank you very much for visit our website and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Salomon de Snaijer

managing director

Salomon de Snaijer

  1. salomon@sjpbv.com
  2. 06 100 120 32
  3. linkedin

Salomon de Snaijer, has been involved in the design and selling of precision high pressure components since 1986. Salomon was founding Salotech (Salomon Technique) International , Salomon is responsible for business development at SJP since 2009 and also handles the design – buying and selling of (special) products.

inside sales

Wilko van der Wagt

  1. wilko@sjpbv.com
  2. 06 23 610 541
  3. linkedin

Wilko van der Wagt has been involved in the high pressure business since 2001, Wilko started his career at Salotech International B.V. and joined SJP since 2013, Wilko responsibility is to make quotes and order processing of our complete program.


Jeannette de Snaijer

  1. jeannette@sjpbv.com

Jeannette de Snaijer is our office manager, in the “high pressure world” since 1990 at Salotech International and since 2009 at SJP, Jeannette ensures the office runs smoothly and handle the general administration like invoicing – payment – bookkeeping.