Flow - and Pressure meter


If you wish we can measure the exact flow and pressure at the hose-end of your drain cleaning unit.

Flow 75 - 560 ltr./min. working pressure up too 410 bar

The Flow meter and pressure gauge are mounted in a strong stainless steel frame, included all possible connections from ½"BSP up too 1¼"BSP male & female and hoses of 3 meter between teststation to the nozzle.

Nozzle is in T-piece (ø 250 mm.) , bottom is 1 meter long in gully, front is blind and "inlet" also blind with hole for sewer hose.

A simple professional way to give this extra service to our customers.

Below a demonstration of a drain cleaning unit who gives 210 ltr./min. and 120 bar at the end of the (120 mtr. 1") hose.

More details about frame / ore flow meter please click here