Short and flexible


Our flexible ¼" flex lance at last comes with a very compact nozzle connection.

In the passed we receive complains about the long press coupler on the nozzle side of this type of hose, our hose manufacturer listened to us and after a long test period we very proud with this very compact result.

Special for sewer cleaning units who want to use high flow for flushing through curves, flows up to 70 ltr./min. and max. pressures up to 325 bar is no problem for this hose.

For more details click here   

To be short as possible we using our high pressure button tip nozzles 15-504-021 any configuration you want (see photo) more details click here 

You also can use the compact spin jets 04.016B

For the most pulling and cleaning power  we advice you the Rotor nozzle 1364 for more details click here

Enough choice for you to think of