Start Tour

Sunday 09-09-2012 Mountainbike kick off tour from Wilz (Luxembourg) to Nijmegen (Holland) 

Brothers Richard & Ton den Boer toke the initative to make this tour to collect as much money as possible find the medicine for peoplewho suffering Duchenne Muscle Dystrophy

For them, raising a pencil is already a challenge. For you it may be riding Duchenne Heroes. Help to raise awareness and collect donations for Duchenne Parent Project. 

Every participant has to collect at least 2500 euro in sponsorship funding. They bike seven tough days, tackle the most beautiful mountainbike tracks of 4 countries (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg) and will be part of a group enthousiastic, dedicated people. They travel along classic MTB routes, averaging about 70 or 100 kilometers a day. they be doing it for themself, but most of all, for others: for the children with Duchenne, deliver a vital performance. 

Were very delighted Richard and Ton picked out our son Avram to be the "mascotte" of there team

On attached file a photo in the big newspaper of 08-09-2012 with explanation of the tour