PRV J/S Type (By-Pass Valve)

1000 Bar

Product description

Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV)

A Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) is used on both diesel and electric pumping units to divert a portion of the flow to a low pressure outlet. It is really a hand adjusted needle valve, and it can be used to control pressure when the application requires a flow at the low end of the pumping unit’s operating range.

For electric units a PRV is required equipment, because the speed of the drive is not adjustable.

  • Few minutes repair in the field (cartridges system)
  • Simple adjustment and blocking knob (without any tools)
  • all components made of stainless steel
  • directly mounted on pump head if required
  • weight only 5,9 kg. (13 lbs)
  • Flow passed (dump) at ± 1000 bar (15K) between 93 - 112 ltr./min. (25 - 30 gpm)