Flow Divider

1000 Bar

Product description

The Flow Divider Valve (FDV) is for applications where two dump style guns are to be operated from one pump. The FDV will maintain full pressure to either gun when the other gun is dumping.

When both guns are operating, the flow and pressure will be unaffected.

These valves are very easy to set up. They are of very rugged construction, and the only wear part is a cartridge which can be quickly changed in the field.

Features in addition to the easy cartridge overhaul, include an easy carry handle, which also provides protection for an optional pressure gauge (which is recommended equipment).

Easy locking of the adjuster handle, and available adapters for different hose connections.

  • Part Number w/o pressure gauge: 70-022-001
  • Replacement for Jetstream┬« Part Number: 51785
  • Part Number with pressure gauge: 70-022-002 (see picture)