Nozzle holder insert

2000 Bar

Product description

Special made for (Woma) nozzle holders using round and fan jet drop-in nozzles ø 12 mm. (3/8"BSP) and ø 14 mm. (½"BSP).
Simply press this insert into a turbo nozzle with 3/8'' ore 1/2" connection and create a perfect connection.

Take nozzle cap and nozzle of the gun, put o-ring (o - and back up ring of the ø 14 mm.) and mount Turbo nozzle by hand on the gun, no tools needed, less weight, less length and less adapter, so more safe.

Part Number ø 12 mm. insert: 195-094 (use for 3/8"BSP connection)
Part Number ø 14 mm. insert: 195-093 (use for 1/2"BSP connection)