Combi Nozzle holder type 4+19

1500 Bar

Product description

For all kind of gun barrels ⅜” + ½” + 9/16"-18UNF LH (APS - Jetstream - Woma - CRS - NLB) and M14x1,5 LH (Hammelmann) to use all different round jet drop - inn nozzle type 8/12/24 (Type 4 Woma®, Type A+M Hammelmann®) with M3 insert 8/12/24/M3 and Fan jet drop - in nozzle type 8/12/20 (Type 19 Woma®, Type B Hammelmann®).

Combi nozzle holder, also using direct mounting for the Monro-Jet® and RD1000® both ⅜”BSP female with o-ring sealing, perfect sealing by using the nozzle holder insert pressed into the Monro-Jet® and RD1000®, so no expensive extra adapter needed, everything hand mounted, less adapters = more safe.

Nozzle holder insert

Part numbers 1000 Bar (15K):

  • ⅜”NPT female : 3040062
  • ½”NPT female : 3040064

Part numbers 1500 bar (22K):

  • ¼"BSP female : 3040060
  • ⅜”BSP female : 3040061
  • ½”BSP female : 3040063
  • ½"BSP female with o-rings (TWK Uraca) : 3040063L
  • 9/16"MP female : 304006

Last item : mounting holder on barrel by using gland & collar (G&C) for a perfect and safe sealing.

  • Collar 9/16"-18UNF LH part number : 304108
  • Collar M14x1,5 LH part number : 195-111
  • Gland 9/16"MP part number : 304107


Nozzle cap (⅜”BSP) fit all above holders part number:  304005

All our adapters - holders a.s.o. (pressure carriers) are unselective tested,

When we receive adapters at least two of them will be tested at least 1.3 x working pressure on attached pdf file (click on document) you will find test certificate of te holder 304006 who is tested at 1950 Bar.

Photo with blue background you can see the set up of this pressure test.