Combi nozzle holder ⅜”BSP with flow reducer

1500 Bar

Product description

Special design for ⅜”BSP Hammelmann® (gun) barrel with seal end, to use all different round jet drop - inn nozzle type 8/12/24 (Type 4 Woma®, Type A+M Hammelmann®) with M3 insert 8/12/24/M3 and Fan jet drop - in nozzle type 8/12/20 (Type 19 Woma®, Type B Hammelmann®).

Combi nozzle holder, also using direct mounting for the Monro-Jet® and RD1000® both ⅜”BSP female with o-ring sealing, perfect sealing by using the nozzle holder insert pressed into the Monro-Jet® and RD1000®, so no expensive extra adapter needed, everything hand mounted, less adapters = more safe.

Comes with flow reducer to precent turbulence in the water, gives a better (bounded) jet

  • Dimensions : hex 27 x 50 mm.
  • ID : ø 6 mm.
  • Mat. St.St. 316
  • Part number : 3040075

Nozzle cap (⅜”BSP) for above holder part number:  304005

Spare parts :